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The IT industry in Romania continues to grow, and large companies that develop software on a global scale are clearly contributing to a positive image of the country.

We talked to Sorin Cosmescu, an experienced engineer and manager and CEO of one of the most relevant IT companies in Romania, EXE Software. We asked him about the main challenges in the industry and his day-to-day activity. Great things are coming, and Sorin stresses the fact that this can only happen with teamwork.

“It’s all about hard work and persistence; you have to find solutions even in the most difficult situations. You have to establish clear objectives and build to achieve them. Briefly, this is the evolution of EXE Software. I have always been passionate about programming – I did that in the 90s, and I used to have many ideas. At some point, I understood that you need a reliable team to build great software. That was the moment when I decided to leave my job and start a company of my own,” Sorin says.

“In the beginning, I made sure I learned about management, to be able to run a business. When we felt we were mature enough, in terms of knowledge, my brother Gabriel and I launched the company together with our third associate, Razvan Udrea. I still remember our first great project. We went to meet the CEO of a large sales and distribution company, having everything we could do written down on a piece of paper. We were young and determined; they had expansion plans, so he thought we were a match and chose us,” he added.

The first important contract

The first major contract EXE Software signed was in 2001. Even though the first years were quite tough, the company soon started to progress.

“I still remember coming back from the meeting. My brother called and asked me ‘Do you know the Twin Towers from New York City? Well, they’re gone!’ This is how I recall the day that we obtained our first great contract: September 11, 2001. This was followed by constant growth. We started collaborating with international clients, and the general context of the IT industry helped us a lot. However, the first years were tough, because companies were not willing to invest in software.

“At first, we wanted to win the local market, because there was a lack of competition. We are still collaborating with all the clients that we had in the beginning. Now, the demand for IT workforce is very high. Companies seek improvement and transformation in order to make the most out of the perks technology offers nowadays.

“The IT&C industry is one of the most important in Romania, and the authorities also support it. This is very important for sustainable expansion, especially since many programmers who left the country at some point are now deciding to come back.

“We have received positive signs from authorities. The industry gets all the support it needs, and Romanian programmers are very talented. The only problem is that we need many more. Besides that, the salary in this area ensures a decent lifestyle in Romania, compared with other countries.”


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