Students from technical universities receive professional guidance

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EXE Software, a Romanian company specializing in full cycle software development, has recently come together with student organization AIESEC to assist with the “Become” project. Through this activity, the company is trying to understand youngsters’ needs and help guide them as they start their professional lives.

During the project, the students attended a series of workshops, enabling them to see a range of perspectives and view each stage of developing a software application. This should prepare them for eventually being part of a team working on a dedicated project in a specialized company in Romania, once they finish their studies.

The interaction between EXE Software and the participants went in two directions: theoretical and practical, consisting of both technical and non-technical information. The training activities were designed so that the students received general information as well as details based on each speaker’s professional experience.

Since the participants were already attending specialized IT classes, during the theoretical workshops, they could interact and learn from team leaders, programmers, and business analysts who have international experience in areas such as North and South America, Asia, and Africa. The subjects brought into the discussions offered a general perspective covering what project management means and what the most popular IT trends are. To implement the knowledge acquired, students had to form teams and design a mini development project, write code, and in the end, present their ideas and way of working.

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