One of the main benefits of user-generated concept is the fact that nowadays, the online environment provides us with lots of information regarding a product or business, from previous users. But how accessible is this feedback? A Romanian company is trying to facilitate the entire process.

Aurora AI: Impact Measurement Tool is the initial name of the app that plans to provide users with feedback on brands, companies and even public figures. The main idea of the app developed by Romanian company EXE Software is to enable internet users to easily evaluate various entities.

The project involves using a number of artificial intelligence modules, in order to analyse augmented data through Azure ML Studio. The app includes a document-oriented database, which can react in real time (Cosmos DB) and a relational database (SQL Server), which correlates information. In addition to this, the AI solution will also consist in a reporting tool built using Power BI. At the moment, the project status is Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and uses open source components.

Use technology to fix the chaos made by technology

Given the fast development of the internet, its uses have also diversified a lot. There are still a lot of vulnerabilities, but also plenty of opportunities of creating a new product, such as this tool dedicated to feedback and reviews.

The audience for such an app is diverse and a good example is the retail industry. Buyer feedback can be a competitive advantage over similar providers, while products can be adapted to clients’ wants and needs. Besides that, social media is also a suitable environment for the solution, where reactions have to be monitored constantly.