The IT recruitment process, according to a specialized Romanian company

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EXE Software, a Romanian company which specializes in full cycle software development and enterprise software solutions, presents an analysis of the IT employment situation in Romania. In this industry, selecting the right candidates can be challenging, since there is a dearth of professional programmers in this domain.

One of the main benefits for people who work in IT is that the sector is open to all age categories and professional development stages, ranging from internship to consultancy level seniority. The criteria that EXE Software’s HR department analyses in the selection process are: compatibility with the company’s profile and values; collaboration; adaptability; ability to work on diverse projects; responsibility; integrity; innovation; and quality.

An interesting detail is the fact that 33% of EXE Software’s recruitment in 2016 was done through LinkedIn, while 20% came from employee recommendations. The remainder was split between selecting candidates from dedicated recruiting platforms, internal job promotions and professional evolution within the company.

EXE Software’s recruitment department always applies three selection steps. The first one consists of an interview to observe the candidate’s profile, find out about their professional background and check compatibility with their potential team and activities. A technical test follows the interview, and if these two stages are completed, the hiring manager has a final discussion with the candidate.

The result of this thorough selection process is a team that works in a professional yet comfortable and relaxed environment, which encourages creativity – this being one of the company’s priorities. Employees are constantly provided with growth opportunities such as attending courses to obtain certifications.

As far as EXE Software’s values are concerned, the Romanian company takes pride in promoting teamwork, and employees are always challenged to be creative. The entire team attends an annual teambuilding event which includes various activities designed to stimulate collaboration and support.

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