Forecasting – The Romanian IT industry in 2019

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Despite predictions that forecast slower growth in the global economy in 2019, the high standards set by IT innovation and plans announced by global investors force companies to continue with their investments not only in IT solutions but also in organizational changes. This means integrating technology, business models, and the people who should support all these changes. So, according to external research, the global growth of the IT industry will reach 4-6%, according to EXE Software.

As well as technologies that are already popular, such as the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing, this year the next big topic is Artificial Intelligence. The investments made by Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft in AI and ML (machine learning) will play a significant role in how these technologies will penetrate the market in the future. Let’s not forget about 5G technology, whose first implementations are sure to have an impact on our lives and the business environment.

In Romania, given the prevailing financial instability and pessimism, we are expecting conservative investments in IT. This means that companies aiming for growth should focus more on global clients and international opportunities.

In 2019, EXE Software is planning to surpass their 2018 turnover, which was up 5.5% from 2017, despite the unfavorable situation and the challenges it has had to face. Those included strong international competition, limited workforce, and unstable political conditions – to name but a few.

“In 2019, we want to establish more partnerships, especially with companies similar to ours, not only from Europe but also North America. The main goal is to provide quality custom development services and promote our products, such as esFields. Each year, we keep up with the latest technologies, which means developing our team and offering internship campaigns for technical students,” explained EXE Software CEO, Sorin Cosmescu.