The summer of 2018 heralded one of the most knowledgeable young generations in IT

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Romanian company EXE Software analyzed their last internship campaign and concluded that this year they have collaborated with one of the best generations of young IT specialists.

During their internships, the students had the opportunity to get used to the work environment in a software company and develop apps, thus interacting with new technologies. The entire program is supervised by a mentor, who guides the interns and evaluates their evolution.

“This year, we had six students who were selected for the EXE Software internship program, all of them becoming part of Web Development teams. We were happy to notice that we were working with creative people who were passionate about software development and are determined to build their professional path in IT,” said EXE Software HR Manager, Karina Tatui.

“Three of the six students who joined us are still in our company, which is quite good, given the fact that from the very beginning, two of them let us know that they wanted to continue their studies after the internship ends” added Tatui, who also said that at the moment, EXE Software has open positions for .NET Developers, BI Developers and Account Manager.

Each intern was introduced to concepts and technologies that will help them on their professional journey. Among other things, students were encouraged to approach an app through the eyes of a non-technical user, understand design pattern and best practice structure, and learn to use Agile methodology.

“We tried to stress on acquiring knowledge that we thought interns could use in the future. As usual, we did our best to find a balance between receiving help and working alone, which helps them figure things out and come up with creative solutions to issues that may arise. Programmers should be able to investigate a problem by themselves, and that is what we motivated them to do, in order to solve tasks. Students had the freedom to make major changes in their apps, to notice how each change can have a great impact on the piece of software they are working on. This way, they discover which sub-area is suitable for them: FrontEnd, BackEnd or FullStack developer – which we think is very important,” said Web Development team lead at EXE Software, Robert Profeanu.