Enterprise mobility is pressing forward in the FMCG & Manufacturing Industry

26/05/20181 Minutes

A few details

Given the evolution of technology and business, companies all around the world now have the opportunity to be present globally, without actually having offices in several locations. For this reason, enterprise mobility has become more and more popular, since it gives people the ability to work remotely using a wide variety of software and hardware systems. These include CRM platforms, route-planning software, product sheets, reports and many others, all comprised in a single SFA application.

In other words, enterprise mobility enables companies to have an overview of all the operations taking place inside the business. For those organizations that have field teams, this technology is particularly useful.

This whitepaper is suited especially for those who are running a company in the FMCG or manufacturing industry and are willing to implement new solutions in order to improve the daily activities of field teams. Here are just some of the main aspects a modern mobile SFA app can cover for your business:

  • Order planning
  • Team management
  • Location tracking
  • Performance monitoring
  • Straightforward reporting