Nowadays, companies try to automate most of their processes. Given this context, EXE Software has launched and perfected esFields, a mobile application that facilitates the sales process, providing support in field data collection and management. Although the solution the Romanian company delivers is designed for organizations in merchandising and distribution, it can be customized to fit various industries, according to what each client may need.

Here is how esFields simplifies field operations:

1.Direct access to market data

Thanks to customized forms, the application ensures real-time data collection, thus giving decision makers complete information so that they can get actionable insight and react to market changes as quickly as possible.

2. Transparency between users, points of sales, and headquarters

Each field agent has a clear view of their work and the work of their colleagues, this being a useful feature for companies that, for example, process perishable products. For example, the managers of an ice cream producing business can accurately see its supply and demand ratio, and can then provide necessary orders to all its partners.

3. Multiple functionalities in one app

esFields facilitates order placement and can replace many devices and apps, such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), bar code scanners, or GPS tools. Furthermore, through bar code scanning, users will get, in real time, reliable and detailed information about their products.

4. Benefits and information about each user’s target

One of esFields’ features allows users to check their target status and find out how efficient their work is and how they could improve their methods to get better results and achieve more sales.

5. Easier day-to-day activities 

The solution allows managers to oversee, in real time, the activity of their field teams, to check time schedules, manage leave day requests, and coordinate interactions. Moreover, users can share documents or pictures and use the chat feature that facilitates easy communication.